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A parable about children and family happiness

A parable about children and family happiness


A wise old man was walking along the road, watching nature and admiring the bright spring flowers. He saw a man carrying a huge load on his back and asked him:

- Why do you doom yourself to this hard work and suffering?

- So that my children and grandchildren can be happy, he replied. My great-grandfather was doomed to hard work for my grandfather, my grandfather for my father, my father for me, and I will suffer for the happiness of my children.

- Was anyone in your family happy? - the old man asked.

- Not yet, but my children and grandchildren will certainly be!

- Unfortunately, the illiterate cannot teach anyone to read, and the mole cannot raise the eagle, the sage sighed. First you have to learn to be happy yourself. Only then can you teach your children. This will be your most valuable gift to them.


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