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With rooftop pools housing contemporary art and playwrights imagining office culture in purgatory, there’s more to Sofia than socialist facades.

photo credits: Zdravko Yonchev


Nostalgic and Charming

Trams have been crisscrossing Sofia since 1901. By the look of them, you might think they’re the same ones (they are mostly old, yellow and clanking). Recently some tram lines have completely closed because of our two expanding metro lines, but downtown and in neighbourhoods such as Krasno Selo, the rumble of the old trams remains a steady part of the city’s soundtrack. It’s not exactly romantic, but there is a certain old-world charm to it.



Local graffity street artists at their best.


Roof With a View

Sofia’s rooftops have great views, pools and even art galleries. This is one of the relaxing spots, unbeatably located on the 9th floor of the Sense Hotel.

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In the 2-nd part of the article Enchanting Sofia we will present you a Swimming Pool, located in a charming pre-war rooftop apartment and a curent contemporary art exhibit place. Also: The best hidden gems of the locals for relaxing time in Sofia. Stay tuned.


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