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The Woman in the Bulgarian Folklore

The Woman in the Bulgarian Folklore


In the most feminine month we would like to pay special attention to the ladies. That is why we will tell you about the role in Bulgarian folklore. In this regard, we will mention that although men are the "head" of the house, it is usually women who play a major role in preparing for all the holidays and rituals. It is also essential in special stages of history.

The Woman in the 19th and 20th Centuries

The idea of ​​Bulgarian women is due to their image in folklore, after the traditional and patriarchal culture. Here we must note that some of the beliefs are related to biblical history and the sinful Eve. Folk songs define the Bulgarian women as disobedient with sharp tongue. Moreover, in popular beliefs in the 19th century, diseases were portrayed as ugly, dirty, ragged and scary women.

If we look at folk proverbs, we will find that there is a huge amount dedicated to women while men are absent. According to Bulgarian traditional notions, the role of women is to take care of the home and everyday life. But the most important feature that distinguishes it is its enviable endurance. That's why people say, "A woman and a cat are dying hard"

Folk conversations about women

Enviable external beauty

Even if it sounds immodest, we must admit that Bulgarian women are undoubtedly beautiful women. The topic has long been commented not only by men in Bulgaria, but also by foreigners, visited our country. Their beauty finds a place in various international rankings.

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