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Distinctive Features of the Bulgarian Woman

Distinctive Features of the Bulgarian Woman


Much has been written and will be written about the Bulgarian woman. And the reason for this is not her famous natural beauty and charm (not only), but - the indomitable character, fighting spirit and disobedience. The stories of the remarkable will and courage of the ladies in these latitudes are not one and two, especially those from the time of the Turkish presence in the Balkans. That is why we have arranged some of the most distinctive specifics of Bulgarian women and created our thematic TOP 3.

Distinctive Features

Strong Character

Bulgarian women are really impressive, we assure you. Today, however, we will prove it to you with modern arguments, not with the notorious historical situations of testing their will. Most of the ladies here are not presumptuous and capricious, but it can be said that they are quite adaptable. When it is necessary, they drink on an equal footing with men, watch football, learn from cars and drive like car racers - well, at least some of them.

Difficulties and challenges are not things that will scare our women, but on the contrary - will provoke them to develop their potential. And all this is to show men that they are much more perfect than them, because they manage to balance between their many duties and mentally withstand all trials.


We will not be mistaken if we define them as superheroes. They do an impressive job with household chores, as well as ambitious working women. And don't be surprised if you hear that the Bulgarian woman has thrown away her high heels to climb a ladder and repair something at home.

Outer Beauty

Everyone says that the Bulgarian woman is a particularly beautiful. Numerous charts put her at the forefront of attractiveness. But let's tell the truth, the Bulgarian woman, and every other woman in the world, shines truly not only because of her physical gifts, but mostly because of her inner beauty and intellect.

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